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The New Faces of Renegades of PEACE

Renegades of PEACE is nearing completion and undergoing the last few stages of revisions and edits. Everything is on track for a release date of July 27th, the one-year anniversary of Secrets of PEACE (and Zira's birth date). Just for fun, I wanted to briefly introduce some of the new characters who will be joining the original cast from Secrets in this next installment. Here are some aesthetic collages I've put together with a little information about each of them.


Revolver is a bit of a mystery, but he's a point of view character in this story and has been a fun challenge to write from the beginning. In the interest of not spoiling too much, that's all I'm going to say about him for now. Fun fact: he's actually the oldest character in the series as far as when he first popped into my head. He was in this really vivid dream I had about ten years ago, and fortunately it was one of those dreams I didn't forget when I woke up. I spent most of the next day sitting in my high school classes writing down everything I could remember about him. I'd planned for him to be the main character in a different story story, but he just fit so well in this one that I scrapped that idea, changed his character a little, and threw him into Renegades. His general plot line has remained almost the same as it would have if he'd had his own book, but now it's been consolidated and woven into the fabric of the Secrets of PEACE series.

Trinity Jones

Trinity Jones is a reporter with a reputation for writing things most people might call conspiracy theories. She hasn't ever been taken very seriously by the general public, but has a niche following on the Dark Net and gets herself into a bit of trouble when she makes some bold accusations against the PEACE Project. Her role sadly had to be cut quite a bit, so it's smaller than what it was in the first draft of Renegades, but I still love her.

Chase Bradshaw

Chase is the de facto leader of the organized rebel movement that becomes an integral part of Renegades. Some of you may remember seeing him in the excerpt I posted a while back. He's good at making tough calls and commands a lot of respect from the people he leads. He and Zira butt heads sometimes, but he has the best interests of his people and his country at heart.

Alma Rosales

Some of you may remember Alma from Secrets, but I'm cheating a little and including her here because she had such a minor part and only a few lines of dialogue. She has a bigger role in Renegades as she has developed a mutual respect with Chase and is becoming one of the more prominent members of the rebellion. She's so fun to write and has always been really vivid and alive in my head, despite only being a minor character. At some point I would love to write a short story about her background and what led her to join the rebellion. Her younger brother, Javier, will also appear in Renegades, but his role is pretty small.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to keep an eye out for more information and updates about Renegades.

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