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I love stories in all forms of media and I often like to draw things inspirted by my favorite shows, games, and movies.

Here is a collection of fanart I've done. Some of these are currently available in my Etsy shop as stickers.

Jim and Oluwande (from Our Flag Means Death)
Blackbeard Sticker Sheet (from Our Flag Means Death)
Gentleman Pirate Sticker Sheet (from Our Flag Means Death)
Mustang and company (from Fullmetal Alchemist)
Ellie (from The Last of Us)
Tess (from The Last of Us)
Ziva Payvan (from the Ziva Payvan series)
Zinni (from the Ziva Payvan series)
Characters from Shadow of the Fox
Jinx (from Arcane)
Vi (from Arcane)
Zuko (from Avatar the Last Airbender)
Commander Shepard (from Mass Effect)
Naomi Nagata (from The Expanse)
Tali (from Mass Effect)
Mordin (from Mass Effect)
Liara (from Mass Effect)
Jack (from Mass Effect)
Aloy (from Horizon Zero Dawn)
Aroska and Matia (from the Ziva Payvan series)
Ellen (from Bloody Spade)
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