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Survivors of PEACE: Meet the Team

Survivors of PEACE is in the hands of beta readers once again, which means it's nearing completion and on track for a Fall release date, which I should be ready to finalize and announce next month. Today is also the publishing anniversary for both Secrets of PEACE (2 years) and Renegades of PEACE (1 year). So just for fun, I wanted to introduce some of the new characters who will be appearing in Survivors. These guys are all part of a tactical operations team Zira ends up leading throughout the story, and while I'm not quite ready to say how that all comes about, I will give you a little information about each of them.

Cedric Davis

If you've read La Sangre Tira Mucho, you'll already be a little familiar with Cedric. (If you haven't read it and you want to, you can still get it for free when you join my readers group.) He's 18 in that story, which makes him 26 in Survivors of PEACE, and he's definitely matured in the time between. He's optimistic, outgoing, and idealistic to the point of being a bit naive sometimes, but he really just wants what's best for society as a whole and is willing to do whatever he can to make that happen.

Nova Hayes

Like Cedric, Nova is a former member of the rebellion. In fact, the two of them worked together for a couple of years in that capacity and are almost inseparable. Nova is reserved and quiet, but she's fiercely loyal to the people she cares about and won't hesitate to speak up on their behalf when needed. She's the youngest member of the team, but she's a quick learner and adapts well to difficult situations.

Terrence Dodge

This guy just goes by Dodge. He has a big personality and a big heart to match it. He's been in the rebellion since he was a kid, so he grew up pretty dedicated to the cause. He's got a great sense of humor and often uses it to break up some of the tension with the rest of the team, but he also knows how to be serious and get down to business.

Josefina Mendoza

A former firefighter and later, a police officer, Josefina is the oldest member of the team and definitely the wisest and most mature. She's been through some hard things in life, and all that experience has made her stern, resilient, focused, and realistic. She can also be very nurturing. Basically she's the strict mom none of the others knew they needed.

Salim al-Atrash

Salim was completing his education to become a school teacher when the events at the end of Renegades unfolded, which made him decided to change his plan for his life. He's calm, mellow, and somewhat reserved. He doesn't like conflict and will always try to resolve confrontations with open communication. He and Dodge have become pretty close friends in their time working together.

I'm so excited for all of you to meet these guys. It was a little scary to me at first, throwing so many new characters in the story, but I've really grown attached to these five in particular.

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