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Indiecember Recommendations: My 5 Favorite Secondary Characters

Indiecember is now underway and I'm writing a series of posts highlighting some of my favorite things in indie books so you can find great reads to fill those squares. If you're not already familiar with Indiecember, go and check out Megan Tennant's website. Today I'm talking about some of my favorite side characters in indie books.

Captain James Hook of the Tales of the Wendy series by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

You've got to love a good antagonist, and Captain Hook has always been a classic. The way he is reimagined in this Peter Pan retelling, however, makes him far more complex and interesting than the Disney cartoon version most of us are familiar with. (I can't speak to the original book as I haven't read it yet.) Captain Hook is absolutely the Bad Guy in the first book of this series, but I was so intrigued and captivated by how his character developed further over the course of the second book. I can't wait to see what happens to his character in book three because he has quickly become one of my favorites.

Artwork by Brina Williamson

This was one of my November reads for Indiecember this year, and honestly, all of the secondary characters in the book are so fun that I had a hard time singling out just one to include on this list. But it had to be Sasha, because of course it did. This big, brawny Russian pilot is built like a tank but has the heart of a teddy bear, and he often serves as a much-needed voice of reason to the titular protagonist, Merona Grant. If you guys are looking for a book with adventure, witty dialogue, and quirky characters, definitely check this one out. It's just plain fun and it had me laughing from start to finish.

A talented illusionist, Andromeda Skyhawke (what an excellent name, by the way) is one of the competitors protagonists Carthage and Huxley must outdo in this magical adventure. She steals every scene she's in with her charm and mystery, and I loved learning about her throughout the book. She's something of an underdog, too, and I love a good story about the underdog gaining the upper hand in some way, even if it's just with minor side characters.

Artwork by EJ Fisch

Zinni Vax & Skeet Duvo of the Ziva Payvan series by EJ Fisch

I had to cheat a little and put both of these Haphezian Special Police agents on this list, but in my defense, you very rarely see one without the other. They just belong together, okay? And it's a good thing, too, because they're fantastic together and I love them so, so much. Skeet and Zinni are the other two members of assassin Ziva's alpha squad, so they are among the best of the best and can outsmart and outshoot their way out of just about any situation. I loved them in the original trilogy, but Fisch's latest book, Fracture, develops them even further, and I especially loved Skeet's emotional arc in that book. If you like sci-fi thrills with well-developed characters, you'll want to give these books a try.

Miriam Solovoy of the Aurora Rhapsody saga by GS Jennsen Miriam Freaking Solovoy, ladies and gentleman. Where do I even start with this woman? When we meet Miriam in Starshine, the first of Jennsen's epic 9-book space opera saga, she's not exactly the most likable person in the world. Or at least she wasn't for me. But then we spend more time with her, learn about her motives and history, explore the things that drive her and the things she cares about, see the sheer brilliance and force of will that have led her to reaching the position she holds. All I can say is that the woman is a straight-up badass, and I loved following her in her journey.

Who are some of your favorite side characters in books? Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me about them, and come back next week for some more indie book recommendations.

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