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Cover Reveal: Livingston Girls by Briana Morgan

I feel like I've been doing a lot of cover reveals lately, but I'm not even sorry because I LOVE cover reveals and I love having the chance to support fellow indie authors. Today, I've got the cover of Briana Morgan's upcoming book. Livingston Girls is a character-driven, queer, #ownvoices YA novel about witches.

Title: Livingston Girls

Author: Briana Morgan

Publication Date: October 2019


After an affair with her teacher, Rose’s parents ship her off to Livingston Academy, a stuffy all-girls’ boarding school. Ashamed of her past and herself, sixteen-year-old Rose just wants to chill, pass her classes, and make friends. The last thing on her mind is becoming a witch…

Until the enigmatic headmistress gives her the chance to join a coven secret from the rest of the school. Desperate to prove herself and looking for a purpose, the headmistress’s offer seems too perfect to pass up.

Rose puts on her metaphorical pointy hat and becomes a Livingston witch. She quickly discovers that the other witches don’t want her in their group—especially because she’s filling their dead friend’s space—but if they can’t band together, the witch-hunting headmaster of the boys’ school will kill them.

Meanwhile, Rose struggles to understand her growing feelings for her roommate, who may or may not hate her guts.

You know, typical boarding school stuff. 


Briana Morgan is a YA horror and fantasy writer, playwright, and freelance editor who loves dark, suspenseful reads with angst-ridden relationships and complicated characters. When not reading, she solves mysteries, hunts ghosts, and binge-watches Forensic Files. Her favorite novel is The Great Gatsby, but you probably knew that already. Her favorite movie is Back to the Future.


If you think Livingston Girls looks awesome, go ahead and add it to your Goodreads TBR list. The preorder will be available soon, so go follow Briana on social media to stay up to date on that.

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