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Cover Reveal: Blood and Water by Briana Morgan

Today I am excited to participate in the new cover reveal for Blood and Water by Briana Morgan. Blood and Water was one of the very first indie books I read, and I loved it. Briana is a talented storyteller who knows how to write complex characters you can really get invested in. The old cover for this book was awesome, but I think I love this new one even more. Check it out:


Seventeen-year-old Jay Harris lives in a London struck down by a deadly virus. His parents are dead, along with half the world. When Jay’s sister Maia falls ill, he must find a cure before he loses her, too. But unbeknownst to Maia, Jay is also sick… and he’s running out of time to save them both.


Briana Morgan is a young adult horror and fantasy author, playwright, freelance writer, editor, and writing coach. She and her cat live in Atlanta, Georgia.


If you guys haven't had a chance to read this book yet, you should definitely give it a shot. And be sure to check out Briana's other work. I would particularly recommend her one-act play, Touch, which is currently in the process of being adapted into a full-length opera. You can also follow her on social media and visit her website.

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