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Book Review: Rubicon by G.S. Jennsen

Rubicon was an absolutely captivating read and I enjoyed every minute of it. While not quite as action-packed as some of it's predecessors, the character development and game-changing revelations of the story raised new questions and provided plenty of tension to keep things fresh and interesting. The enormous scale, depth, complexity, and nuance of stories like this make me marvel at the fact that a single human being was capable of just pulling all of this out of their imagination. It's mind-boggling. I've always been amazed by Jennsen's ability to weave various characters and subplots together so flawlessly, but it especially caught my attention here as small pieces of information and events from previous books were brought together here and further developed in ways that have significant implications for the future of these characters and the universes they inhabit.

As always, the relationships between characters were beautifully developed, and Alex and Caleb were as adorable together as ever. However, it was Mia and Malcolm who really tugged at my heartstrings this time. There's also a Big Emotional Moment™ for a couple of the other characters in the story that may have had me almost tearing up. And then there's Eren, who had already grown on me by the end of Relativity but is now easily one of my favorite characters in the series.

There was enough happening here to hold my interest, but Rubicon definitely felt like a build-up to the final book of the series. All of the new developments in the story and the characters' growing capabilities promise what is sure to be an appropriately epic conclusion, and I look forward to seeing it all play out.

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