A young adult fantasy novel coming December 14, 2021


A man with an unknown past

For years, Amar has traveled the Kavoran empire, seeking a way to recover his lost memories and end the curse that plagues him. With support from loyal friends, Amar may finally be on the verge of finding answers, but to do so, he’ll need to enlist the help of an unexpected guide.

A girl afraid of her own powers

Kesari is a Tarja, granted magical abilities through her Bond with a spirit named Lucian. Haunted by past mistakes that have left her desperate to sever her Bond, Kesari has her own reasons for agreeing to help Amar. But in doing so, she may finally have to face the fears she’s carried ever since leaving home.

A woman on a vital mission

Meanwhile, a young refugee named Aleida is in hot pursuit, hoping the secret behind Amar’s curse can save her brother from a fatal illness. With so much at stake and little left to lose, Aleida will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

And when their paths collide, all three are set on a journey to unravel a mystery far deeper than they ever suspected.

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Amar is a man with a mysterious past seeking answers about who he really is and where he came from. He can be very hostile and selfish, and he generally keeps himself at a distance from others.


Kesari is a happy and free-spirited girl who is always up for an adventure. She doesn't like conflict and guards her own secrets very closely. Though she made a great sacrifice to gain magical abilities, she no longer uses them.


Aleida is a young woman who will stop at nothing to save her little brother Tyrus from a fatal illness. She can come across as hard and callous, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.


Mitul is a musician with a kind heart and a gentle personality. He's known Amar for many years and thinks of him as a brother. He feels responsible for Amar and travels with him to help him learn about his past and recover his lost memories.


Once a powerful Tarja (someone who can use magic), Lucian is now a spirit who takes the form of fire. He is Bound to Kesari, which allows her to use the magical abilities he once had. He acts as her mentor and is very protective of her.


Valkyra was once a powerful Tarja and, as a spirit, takes the form of a small white dragon. She is Bound to Aleida, which allows Aleida to use the magical abilities Valkyra had in life. She and Aleida believe that Amar could be the key to saving Tyrus' life.


Saya belongs to a group of primarily nomadic tribes living in the Sular desert. She sought out Amar as part of her haseph, a rite of passage all Sularan youth undergo at age sixteen.


Jameson is a renowned Tarja who lives in the country of Atrea. Although he is very skilled in the practice of magic, his primary obsession is the study of magical theory and history.


Tyrus is Aleida's younger brother. Orphaned as a child, he now lives with his caregiver in Kavora. He has an incurable degenerative illness but tries as much as possible to not to worry Aleida about it.