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Where do your loyalties lie?


With her life in the PEACE Project safely behind her, Zira works covertly with Tripp to undermine the Project's control and begins to see firsthand just how extensive the country's organized rebel movement is. But when one of their jobs gets complicated, her motives and integrity are called into question. Determined to prove herself, Zira is swept deeper and deeper into the rebellion as she is called on to use her lethal skills once again—a part of her life she thought would stay buried in her past.

Meanwhile within the walls of the compound, Jared grapples with the consequences of his choices as Ryku seeks more power than any chairman has ever had before. His position is further complicated when he is tasked with hunting down a fugitive who has evaded capture for over a decade.

As the chairman tightens his control over the nation in the name of law and order, Zira and Jared face increasingly difficult choices as they each strive to do what they believe is right and protect the people they care for.

Sometimes you must overcome your past to secure your future.


Beneath all the action, Hernandez weaves a complex commentary on human nature. The theme? The ties that bind us together—family, friendship, love—are stronger than the ties to any cause. 
- Sci fi author G. S. Jennsen

Both characters spend the majority of the story dealing with the consequences of the choices they made in Book 1. It's a continual fight for survival as they each strive to make the other see reason but refuse to abandon their own beliefs. Meanwhile, their personal struggles are overshadowed by a looming conflict bigger than either of them ever anticipated.
- Sci fi author E. J. Fisch​

Renegades of PEACE is significantly grittier than its predecessor, in that it explores the harsh realities of a dystopian society, and the real, hard consequences of each choice that is made. It explores & deepens the characters from the first book, delving into their inner conflicts and their individual fight for their beliefs
- Amazon Reviewer


Four polished, ivory caskets sat in a row at the top of the grassy slope in the PEACE Project compound’s cemetery. Crisp, white flags bearing the seal of the Project had been draped over each one, topped with bouquets of flowers whose colors matched the deceased’s unit. Blue for Chairman Collin, green for Chairman Ava, yellow for Chairman Leon, and red for Chairman Brynn. The flowers and the grass offered the only splashes of color in sight. The hundreds of onlookers gathered to pay their final respects had all dressed in black for the somber occasion, and the sky was the same drab gray as the compound wall behind them.

Jared stood at the back of the crowd of mourners, trying to remain inconspicuous. He’d come to the service because it was expected of him, but he didn’t want to talk to anyone. His mind was a torrent of conflicting thoughts and emotions, but guilt was at the forefront of them all. Guilt about agreeing to keep Ryku’s secret, guilt about the surprisingly vociferous part of him that wanted to betray the chairman’s trust, guilt about the fact that he had lived when everyone else who’d been in that room had died, and about his small part in all of it. He tried to push it down, but it kept forcing its way back to the surface.

A few minutes ago, Ryku had concluded a speech that probably would have seemed appropriately poignant had Jared not known the truth. His words had coaxed more than a few tears from the audience. Now, many of them were starting to drift away. Jared glanced at his CyberLink for the time. He’d been here long enough—fulfilled whatever social obligation he had to his colleagues and to Ryku. He needed to get out of here, back to the comforting solitude of his apartment where the guilt had a slightly less oppressive hold on him.

He skirted around the edges of the crowd, then made his way through the tombstones. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. It all felt so surreal, and it had happened so fast—not even forty-eight hours ago. Jared remembered because he’d noted the time when the chairmen’s final meeting together had lasted longer than usual, and again when he and Ryku had received news of the tragedy. He was supposed to have been with them when it happened.

He was probably the last person to have seen them alive.

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