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A copy of Revenant Prince, signed by the author.

They survived, but lost one of their own…


With Amar now under the enemy’s control, his loyal friends will stop at nothing to rescue him. To succeed, they must fight inner battles more daunting than even the harshest external challenges. New alliances are forged as former adversaries work toward a common goal, but with Kavora on the brink of war, Kesari, Aleida, and the others face mounting pressure to prevent the conflict. Very soon, it may be too late.


A prince returns to claim his throne…


Seventeen years after Prince Savir’s supposed death, an unlikely mentor guides him home to take back his crown. With the evidence clearly laid before them, several of Kavora’s most powerful leaders acknowledge his return and support his claim, but convincing the empress to step down will be a much bigger challenge. Before long, Savir is swept up in a complex game of political maneuverings, eager to be more than just a piece on the board. The stakes are high—not only for him, but for the entire empire. To further complicate matters, he can’t shake the feeling that something is amiss.

If only he could remember what.

Revenant Prince signed copies

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