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Open your eyes. See the truth. Make a choice.

After a devastating global war left America in ruins, the authoritarian PEACE Project rose to power, providing safety and stability in exchange for absolute control over citizens’ lives.

Raised in the Project since infancy, assassin Zira is proud of her role in protecting society from threats to their peace and stability. After making a careless mistake on an assignment, she is forced to work with Jared, the best operative in her unit. What starts as a reluctant partnership soon becomes friendship as they work together and learn to rely on each other.

But when misinformation causes a solo mission to backfire, Zira's deepest loyalties and strongest relationships are tested in a place where even a hint of doubt can be perceived as treason.It isn’t long before she and Jared are swept up in a conflict much bigger than either of them ever imagined.

The life they know is falling apart, and nothing will ever look the same again.

This special eBook complete collection includes all

three books in the Secrets of PEACE trilogy



The Secrets of PEACE trilogy is a unique tale of survival, loyalty, and the rebuilding of trust when that loyalty is compromised.... I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a gritty, new-adult dystopian series with a little sci-fi/thriller flare and excellent character development.
- Sci-fi author E. J. Fisch
Secrets of PEACE isn’t merely an excellent debut novel by a new author – it’s an excellent novel, period, and an action/thriller that meets any definition of “page-turner.”
- Sci-fi author G. S. Jennsen
Thrilling from the beginning, Secrets of PEACE is a book perfectfor fans of assassination plots and secret agencies.
- Rayleigh Gray, Literature Approved Reviews
Hernandez's writing is tight and the story is well paced (with a great hook in the beginning that begs the reader to continue turning pages.)
- Chris Schmitz, Inside the Inkwell Blog
The characters are engaging, the pacing is excellent, I was emotionally invested within the first chapter or two. Her focus on complex character relationships adds depth and relatable human emotions that make the story feel real, and true. This book did not disappoint, and I recommend that you get your hands on a copy (like, right NOW!)
- Amazon Reviewer
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