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Book Three in the Curse of Shavhalla series


Even truth may not bring peace…

Amar never wanted a war, but thanks to the manipulations of a cunning enemy, he’s found himself right at the center of one. Establishing peace for Kavora is his highest priority, but to achieve this, he’ll have to rally new allies to his cause…a task which could put not only his own life at risk, but the lives of his friends, too.

Even vengeance may not heal old wounds…

Determined to see Valkyra annihilated, Aleida isn’t about to let Amar and the others face these challenges on their own. But her ties to them have grown far stronger than she ever could have anticipated, and when that loyalty conflicts with her desire for revenge, she is faced with a difficult decision.

Even the strongest magic may not save them…

Kesari, now a formidable Tarja in her own right, continues to puzzle over Amar’s curse, which has the potential to be used as a dangerous tool for power and control. Until it’s broken, Valkyra will remain a threat, and ending it could be the best way to defeat her.

With civil war tearing the empire apart and the leaders of both sides unwilling to compromise, it’s up to Amar and his friends to end the fight and destroy the foe behind it all.

To come out victorious, they’ll have to rely on each other now more than ever before.

SEPT. 5, 2024

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